“Based in Gurgaon, Built Environment is a design & build firm headed by architect Sonia Bagga, who has had experience & expertise in the field of architecture and interiors for over 20 years now. Sonia believes that ‘form follows function’ and always dares to stretch the imagination of her clients seeking an environment they can be proud of. All done with a sense of style, creativity, aesthetic & an eye for detail, keeping the budget in mind.
Murali Architects - Architects and Interior Designers, Chennai
“Saadhya Design consists of a stellar team of interior designers, architects and consultants working together seamlessly, swiftly, smart and imaginatively, to deliver the most desired, comfortable and impeccable homes to our clients. Our intent is to transform the existence of our clients by providing practical & functional solutions by which their dreams evolve into reality. We ensure our dedicated team delivers the home visualized by them, to perfection. Established in 2014, Saadhya Design is the culmination of the ideas and experience of Gunjan K. Vasandani.
Group Seven - Architects & Interior Designers, Mumbai
Red Earth - Architects and Interior Designers, Bangalore
“I believe spaces must be joyful, magical, lively, infused with a bit of craft and use their natural habitat to their advantage. This can allow human beings to relax and be happy! I try to work with as many artists, potters or other creative people as possible, also it’s fun to customize and create products around the story one is telling. I think this collective, creative energy keeps a space humming long after everyone has finished their bit and left.
Thimmaiah & Prabhakar - Interior Designers, Bangalore
Serenity - Interior Designers, Mumbai
“Having studied Civil Engineering, Mr. Sufyan found his true calling in the field of interior designing, leading to the formation of SDA Designs. His passion for designing came from his father, the Late Mr. Qasim Duberia (Chartered Architect). Being exposed to his father's work across the gulf shaped Mr. Sufyan's understanding of space, giving him vast exposure to modern luxury and design elements. Over the course of two decades SDA Designs have helped shape several interior and architectural projects, spanning India, U.A.E.
“Ego Designs was established early in 2007, by two young designers who decided to learn the trade the hard way with no experience in the field. Starting with a few small jobs and slowly learning their way around, the studio has now completed several beautiful and noteworthy residential, office, retail and hospitality projects. The leap of progress came around 2013 when after years of hard work, the studio produced projects which started appearing in leading design magazines. Several of the studio's projects have featured in Ideal Home & Garden, Inside Outside and Design Matrix.”