Achal Kataria - Architects & Interior Designers, Delhi
“ Iyer & Mahesh established in 1975, is a leading design and engineering consultancy in India. We pride ourselves on providing high quality and effective design services to our clients. The ability to translate specific requirements of each client into appropriate built form has become the hallmark of our practice. Mr. Mahesh has contributed immensely in the field of sustainable architecture and has revived timber construction into a modern concept & designed some of the top resorts & hotels in India. “Amazing Timber Resorts” by N. Mahesh is the perfect document of the scope of his talent.
Aaliaan Living - Interior Designers, Bangalore
SAK Designs is an architectural, interior and landscape design studio established in 1997. Based in Ahmedabad, India, principal architect Ashish Kesurvala with senior architect Jinal Kantharia has completed over eighty design projects, including custom designed houses, weekend homes, industry structures, corporate offices, showrooms, malls, multiplexes and more. The focus being specifically on high-end luxury homes and designer offices. Creating unique and iconic design structure in the last 16 years with projects published in national and international design magazines.
"Established in 1976, Malik Architecture is a firm of architects, interior designers and services consultants. In the last four decades, we have designed a number of prestigious projects in India and overseas, all of which have been published. Our philosophy of providing comprehensive design capability and harnessing new technologies has resulted in innovative and dynamic solutions in the field of institutional architecture and interiors.
“Our professionalism in practice has ensured that our passion towards every project irrespective of its scale, is the same. We work with the same commitment, energy and expertise whether a small house or a township. We have therefore emerged as a firm versatile enough to deal with projects regardless of their complexity. Understanding our clients, their expressed and unexpressed needs, has remained the bottom line for our achievements. We employ our expertise to shape your dreams. The outcome in the form of language and form is the bonus.
With a collective professional experience that encompasses a wide array of design types including residential, commercial, institutional and educational facilities Riyaz and Simeen Quraishi the designer couple have completed more than a couple of hundred projects. “We currently have on-going projects across the country and have won several awards with our projects having been published in most leading magazines. Our international projects consist mostly of luxury homes.”
“Design is a journey. The spaces we create have a profound effect on how you experience life. Our environments are an active part of everything we do and everything we feel. Live. Laugh. Love. is an interior design services and lifestyle solutions company with customer satisfaction is at its heart. We at LLL value our relationships with our clients. Which means we do our best to learn about your lifestyle, tastes and needs in order to develop a comprehensive plan suited to your space.
“We work with value system defined by simple principles - people, context, legibility, flexibility, cultural & environmental responsibility. These are addressed as architectural issues - we‘re not social activists. The strange thing about being a successful architect is that you’re expected to design a build-able intervention, if you do you probably won’t earn a living. We believe architecture should be in dialogue with itself, this allows space for lateral thinking during conception, construction and even after completion.
“L.A.B is a laboratory for crafting architecture. Projects are navigated with poetic sensibility, scientific rigour and human purpose. Engaging the local, the non-local, the physical, the natural, the cultural and the economic forces as stimuli, each construction concept is designed in a unique manner. Working from sketch to clearly articulated drawings, we evolve our design instincts to create emergent spatial atmospheres. Staying centred, we are outside the circle.”